The goal of Astxx is to provide a fully functional and easy to use C++ wrapper for Asterisk enabling developers to write Asterisk related software using the full range of what C++ has to offer. This includes AGI scripts and accessing the Manager API. Support for writing ExternalIVR scripts, writing IAX clients, and writing Asterisk modules is planned.

Get Astxx

The latest version of astxx is version 0.6. Get it here.

Documentation is here.


Astxx depends on boost::asio, boost::signals, boost::lexical_cast, boost::date_time, boost::function, boost::shared_ptr, boost::bind, and boost::ref. The boost::asio library is distributed with astxx at the moment and is also in the 1.35 version of the boost libraries. Boost is a large dependency but it provides a lot of functionality, distribution packages are your friend.